Richard’s Story

Richard’s Story

Richard’s Story

After I graduated from university in Australia, I decided to move to Tokyo and teach English for a year just because it was something “different” to do. With no real vision for my life, and no desire to do anything mission related, I started attending Lifehouse Tokyo in 2007.

During my first 6 months at Lifehouse, I was totally challenged to live out my life and my faith with godly purpose and fresh conviction. I was blown away by the genuine joy of the people at Lifehouse Tokyo, and their vision to “change Japan”.

I started to see that they were actually serious? And not only that, but God was all over it. Under the leadership of Ps Rod and Viv, they were really going to “change Japan”.

I started to question my own life plans; how could I leave what God is doing here?
If God was going to change a whole nation, I wanted to be a part of it.

So I decided to stay longer.

And then I decided to stay for good.

I got involved with outreach to young Japanese in Tokyo and then did the same in Yokohama. I was growing as a leader and God had dramatically changed my life through the discipleship and passion of the leaders in Tokyo.

After leaving Tokyo and Yokohama I spent some time in Bali helping establish a church there and then moved to Hong Kong in June of 2011.

Hong Kong is my dream city. It’s hard to explain it to someone who hasn’t been here. I tell everyone that Hong Kong is a place they have to see before they die. It is always pumping. 24/7. It’s the ultimate city! There is always something happening. Im convinced it is the most dynamic city in the world.

To build a dream church for young people, in my dream city, is the opportunity of a life time. There are MILLIONS of young people here that need Jesus, all within a few miles of each other. The opportunity for a vibrant and globally influential church here is enormous. There are over 7 million people here in a city less then half the size of Sydney’s urban center. Why are there no large churches here?

Come and be a part of our team. Come and help us “change Hong Kong” and change thousands of young lives. Be a part of something that will push you out of your comfort zone, and into the calling of God in your life. Live an adventure.

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