Luke’s Story

Luke’s Story

Luke’s Story

When I heard about the Japan team internship I was immodestly excited about being in a city that had never been reached with the love of God. Right after turning 18 I moved to Japan for the internship.

The team were so passionate about reaching out to young Japanese and fueled me even more. Being in that kind of environment stirred a huge vision in my heart.

I got my first real job and worked around 20 hours per week then spend the rest of the time hitting up universities, coffee shops, high schools, and the street meeting young Japanese and building life groups.

I really found what I was called to do with my life in Japan on the internship. After 18 months I was able to lead many many young Japanese to Jesus, train leaders and get the confidence I would later need to lead a church in Osaka!

After my time in Japan I went back to my city and started a young adult ministry and used the same basics we used in Japan. My time in the internship was a huge blessing to my home church!

If you want to do something huge with your life. Something that has never been done before, then come do in some of the worlds great unreached cities!

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