Jordan’s Story

Jordan’s Story

Jordan’s Story

Lifehouse is doing an amazing work, establishing he Kingdom of God on earth over a number of continents. For this they are gaining a lot of attention world wide. We however, want to bring attention to another area of their work…

As parents we nurtured and raised our kids to know and love Jesus. We excitedly watched them grow in the faith and begin to receive their own calling to serve. As they hit their teens we realised the need for mentors in the Christian faith from outside of the family and encouraged them into good, strong church youth groups for such mentoring. Now in their late teens, they are beginning to walk into that calling and need mentoring in their specific area of calling.Such mentors can be hard to find…

One of our sons, Jordan, sensed the calling to be a missionary in Japan at the age of 6. When he graduated high school, still determined to be a missionary to Japan, we released him to work with Lifehouse in Sapporo, Japan. It is never easy to send your 18yr old kid out into the “big wide world”, but through the organised discipleship structures and focused ministry plans of Lifehouse, we are delighted with all our son is doing and experiencing there. He is being mentored in life and ministry, gaining life experiences not possible in Australia and thriving in the strong supportive environment. Jordan works hard and puts in some long hours and is seeing the fruits of his labour. Seeing people who have never heard the name of Jesus come into a dynamic relationship with Jesus, He is more passionate for Christ now than I have ever seen him and is truly living life to the full!

Lifehouse is excelling at reaching young Japanese people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are also excelling at training and mentoring young passionate Aussies for this work. Most of these Aussies know that they don’t have a life time calling to Japan but want the opportunity to spend a year doing something heroic for God. They return home after a year or so significantly impacted and able to significantly impact their world. As for Jordan, time will tell, but at this stage it seems this is his life calling. As parents we can not thank the team at Lifehouse enough for the opportunities they are giving to our son – for the training, discipleship and loving mentoring he is receiving there. We are so blessed. Thank you Lifehouse church!

Tim & Bronwyn Perry

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